Monday, October 8, 2007

Evaluate President Brodhead by October 29


We are a group of devoted alumni of Duke who care passionately about our alma mater. We want Duke to be the best that it can be.

In that spirit, we want to be sure that you know that there is a formal Presidential Review Committee in progress to assess President Brodhead's first three years in office. Dan Blue, who is a trustee of Duke, is the chairman of the Committee and is soliciting our comments for the Committee to consider.

We urge you to express your feelings to him. Comments are due to the Committee by October 29 and can be sent to: or or by regular mail to: Presidential Review Committee; Duke University; Daniel T. Blue Jr., Chair; P.O. Box 91627; Raleigh, NC 27675.

This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard. The Committee needs to hear many voices. Your thoughts can make a difference!


Duke.Grad.2002 said...

This is an excellent initiative, in fact, long overdue. I wish FABDU great success in its efforts. "A better Duke" sure sounds good to me. Thank you for caring.

don t. said...

What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks ever so much for letting we folk out in the provinces about the evaluation. My feeling on the brodhead are VERY, VERY strong indeed...I hope I can express my thoughts with enough civility to have them considered. I will certainly give it a try. I also hope that the evaluation is not a fait accompli and that our input will be considered.

Again, thanks for your efforts.

Don McRae

Judith said...

I am a long time alum, and my question is, "What would Terry Sanford have done?"

I have loved Duke since I was a little girl, when my father, a Duke law alum. took me there to visit. I have an undergrad and graduate degree from DU, and I have one son who graduated from Duke and twins who are sophomores now.

Just like any CEO of a Fortune 500 company, President Brodhead has to take ultimate responsibility for the actions of his organization. I believe that Brodhead has a lot to answer for. His apology, while very welcome, is a bit late to all of us who have followed the case closely and KNOW that the evidence was not there from very early on. AND that the students cooperated fully and in some cases had air-tight alibis.

I believe that Terry Sanford could have made this case go from "nuclear" to a small footnote in the history of injustice with his dedicated efforts and an iron will for the best for the University and the city of Durham.

Now Duke has paid out millions upon millions of dollars in settlements, and the city of Durham is likely to be liable for much more. Not only the University and the lacrosse players, but the citizens of Durham, will suffer from his inaction.

And don't get me started on the Duke 88!

FABDU said...

Written by Caroline Dooley, Trinity '95 in today's Chronicle:

For alums, inaction of profs and admins frustrating

Duke parent said...

Excellent article from a Duke student (Ken Larrey the founder of an Ethical Duke):

Brodhead needs to apologize more

Duke parent said...

From the Chronicle - October 16:
The lacrosse affair: Call for an independent review

Duke alum said...

First step in our goal for a better Duke:

Duke Public Affairs Chief John F. Burness to Retire